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How a racist criminal justice system rolls back the benefits of civil rights.

stolen from moominmuppet

MICHELLE ALEXANDER: Yes, absolutely. You know, numerous historians and political scientists have documented now that the war on drugs was part of a grand Republican Party strategy, known as the Southern Strategy, of using racially coded, "get tough" political appeals on issues of crime and welfare in order to appeal to poor and working-class white voters who were resentful of, anxious about, fearful of many of the gains of African Americans in the civil rights movement.

And, you know, to be fair, I think we have to acknowledge that poor and working-class whites really had their world rocked by the civil rights movement. You know, wealthy whites could continue to give their kids all of the advantages that wealth has to offer, but it was poor and working-class whites who were faced with the social demotion and whose kids might be bused across town to go to schools inferior. And affirmative action programs created this sense that, you know, black folks were now leapfrogging over them on their way to Harvard or Yale or fancy jobs in corporate America. And this state of affairs created enormous amount of anxiety, fear and resentment. But it also created an enormous political opportunity.

Inventing the Steel page 1

This is the first colored page of my often mentioned comic. This is the first piece that I've done with my iMac,Photoshop CS5 and my intuos4 wacom tablet. Honestly I can say that the new computer helped a lot because photoshop was a lot faster…that was before I put 8gigs of memory in the computer. I have to say that I don't notice much of a speed boost with the extra memory, but I guess my computer is happy that it isn't maxed out like it was before so I guess the extra memory helps somehow. The new tablet is a huge improvement over the old one…I honestly don't even need to use my keyboard 85% of the time and I can zoom in without switching tools which is really helpful. I was already using the space bar hand thing to move my art around, but having a button for it is helpful as well. The new PS is just as good as the old one…I have a feeling that I could be doing more with it though, so the jury is still out on how big of an improvement it is over the last version. But I needed for the new computer so its a moot point.

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One trend that I won't be following...

Growing a beard. Fuck beards and the dudes who grow them because they are the cool thing to do.

Humor is the best tool

I remember a few weeks ago that I said a little bullying was good for kids. I shouldn't have even bothered to write that post…I should have just told everyone to go watch South Parks " Hooked On Monkey Phonics" It makes all of the same points that I do, but its funny.

I'm sorry

But if there was a person known as Jesus Christ I can assure you that he did not have red hair and blue eyes. How can Christians believe all of the histrorical evidence for there religion and yet believe that Christ didn't actually look like the people that he came from. Christ was a Jew and Jews were basically Arabs with a different religion.

On another note…I find both Christians and Muslims incredibly arrogant. I find them arrogant because they basically thought that their religion was the best and naturally once other less enlightened people believed the way that they believed that they would be better off. Of course Christianity has largely been the tool of oppressors in Europe( poland,latvia, etc.) The Americas and Asia. Muslims,I'm sure have been just have shitty I just don't know of too many historical examples.

/end rant.

This makes me happy : )


I'm sorry but no one wants to hear a crying child at the movies, or at a restaurant. If the restaurant is McDonalds maybe that is okay, but if I'm paying 50 bucks or more for a meal…I don't want to hear a crying child. Yeah I'm mean…but I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Haters gonna hate...

British woman going off on black and brown people. Kinda funny and sad. I hope the british equivalent of CPS sees this.

The poor man's guitar hero

It really helps out as long as you know the song well that is.

I'm on a fucking roll...

Oh my god...

This paper is even more full of shit than I first thought. Now the topic is health care…the writer is saying that health care is more expensive because it is better. Which makes sense at first glance, but it ignores the what tends to happen to prices. When something new comes out it tends to be prohibitively expensive. My first computer was a 9600 mac, it had a 2 ghz hard drive and 1.5 GB was the maximum amount of ram. It was probably around 3 grand new. My new iMac is worth about 1,500 new and its many times better than my first computer and yet its also cheaper. Things tend to get cheaper so why wouldn't healthcare get cheaper too?

Why does my teacher have us read this FOX News bullshit?