the life of an artist

the agony and ecstasy

3 November 1974
Place of birth : New York

Nationality: Newyorican, for those that don't know a Puertorican who was born in NewYork.

Hobbies: Playing shitty guitar,watching beautiful women,listening to music (more a way of life actually),going to concerts(Last show I saw was Down 5/2/02 which is fucking sad !Update I just saw High On Fire on...5/02/2010 weird I know and not on purpose)reading,surfing the net.

Favorite Foods: Sushi,Authentic Chinese food not that Americanized stuff , Italian and BurritoVille !

Favorite Movies: in no particular order ,LOTR all of them,Pulp Fiction, First 2 Indiana Jones Movies,First 2 Star Wars and Snatch

Favorite Books: The Stand ,Saga of Old City by Gary Gygax, The Dying Earth Books, the Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance, The Gay Science, Beyond Good and Evil, Twilight of the Idols and the AntiChrist by Friedrich Nietzsche, A Song of Fire and Ice Saga by George R.R. Martin

Turn Ons: Zaftig Women,intelligence,imagination and a sense of wonder

Turn Offs: Breast Implants and most plastic surgery, jaded people, followers,lukewarm people in general,phonys and greedy corporate assholes. Oh and filthy people, bathing is good folks.

Reasons for having a Live Journal : I enjoyed reading other peoples journals and felt like I should join the fun.I also noticed that some journals were better than others and in my egotistical way thought I should contribute something a bit more interesting than " I had Mcdonalds for lunch and got drunk for dinner".
My writing skills are also pretty weak and this would be a way to exercise them.
I'm currently creating my own comic series which should hit stands sometime hopefully this year and I'll be documenting the on going highs and lows of creating it, and also the highs and lows of my life independent of the comic. However right now as of 2005 I'm focusing on single illustrations and creating a website. Basically you will get the Good,The Bad and the Ugly of one Artist life. Along with some art work.

EDIT: Flash forward to 2009! Wow has my life changed in the past 4 years! Sadly the comic didn't get published. Which is fine because honestly it sucked and there are too many sucky books out there clogging the stands. I do intend to keep doing comics though, I'm just retooling my approach to them so that they will be kick ass instead of suck ass.

I'm currently engaged to the girl of my dreams and have relocated to Bellingham, Wa. for the time being. I'm still doing art as can be seen in my journal and I'd like to think that I'm better at it now than I was four years ago.

That is my story and I'm sticking with it. Maybe I'll write a better bio someday...maybe I won't, but 5 Billion Chinese don't give a fuck either way.

The friending policy: Right now I'm in a weird spot about that because I originally wanted to use my journal mainly for my art, but my personal life has seeped into it and I don't know how much I want to share with the world. So if you friend me and I don't friend you back soon, please don't take it personally. It doesn't mean I don't like you or anything.

Also this journal contains Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll although not in that order, so if you can't deal then don't read or add me. Also there is quite a bit of angst as well. But, what did you expect from a tormented artist ?

Here is some art, and if you like that you can just go to my deviant art page. The link is above.

If you would like me to create a piece for you I'd be more than happy to however I'm not cheap. For a piece like the one above I'd charge anywhere from $ 80 to $100 for that you get the original brush &ink art and a laser color print. If you want to commission something just email me : )

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